Eternity is twinkling

迷上设计耳环是种怎样的体验~ 嘻嘻
新的一年尝试做个特别的淘宝卖家: )

超级喜欢的插画师 来自Koyamori (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

熊木杏里 北京



Details make all the difference

Seize the day

In the moment it is hard to see how a particular moment in your life makes sense. But looking back many years later, you’ll often be able to connect the dots and see how everything you went through was critical in leading you to the place you are now


2015年我的关键词是 细节细节细节!!!

theme of prontera 今年是自己进入ro的第五年 > < 尽管已经afk一年多啦 但是每次走在大街上或在商场书店车上 一听到ro的bgm还是会感动的一塌糊涂 成长最快的这几年也是刚好沉浸在ro里的这几年 hello hello the memory of ragnarok 🏃🏃


The best does not come alone.It comes with the company of the all

世界が終るまでは...(織田哲郎 上杉昇 ASL2012) 

Block Table by Normann Copenhagen

Designer Simon Legald

阿姨这个月底要生宝宝了 好赞 真是甜蜜的负担呢 > <

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